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Claims & Returns


    • The warranty period for the goods is 24 months from the date of purchase.
    • Only goods purchased from the seller can be complained about. 
    • The goods must be undamaged, height unadjusted, unwashed,
    • When returning a curtain within 14 days, we have a condition that we do not refund money for a curtain that is less than 2.4m.
    • Return the goods by ordinary parcel, for the claim to be recognized it is necessary to send the original order together with a copy of the tax document,
    • on the basis of which the goods were acquired. Do not send the package as a letter or registered letter.
    • We will refund the postage for the package in which you sent the claimed goods in the shipment or on your account.
    • Call 0903938300 beforehand. It can also be arranged by phone, without formalities, by agreement.
    • The complaint is resolved within 30 days of the seller taking over the claimed goods.
    • The warranty period for the goods expires in cases where the error occurred due to improper handling of the product, mechanical damage, operation in unsuitable conditions or unauthorized intervention in the product. 
    • Purchased goods can be returned without giving a reason within 14 calendar days of the buyer receiving the goods.
    • The complaint must be returned as a package to the address – by postal courier 
       Address for return of goods. Allen Nováková ul. Belanského 192 Kysucké Nové Mesto 02401
    • Form for withdrawing from the purchase contract (to print, click here)